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Bienbenidos al Tabernaculo Phoenix


and of the household of God; are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;


La Misionera del Aire

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church Activities

Our monthly April calendar is now available.
Nuestro calendario de Abril ya esta disponible.



Voice of restoration Ministry
Voz de Restauración Ministerio

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Rising Phoenix Youth Group

That’s what we ought to do. Give Him the best there is: The youth of your life; the best of your life; the praise of your lips. 
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Phoenix Tabernacle Sunday School

Hello and Welcome,

We greet you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As a Sunday school staff, our goal is to bring Biblical teachings to your children in a fun, interactive, and dynamic manner while keeping them in a safe environment and in Godly fellowship. We know just how important it is for children to have Biblical principals and fundamentals instilled in their hearts. We are honored that, each Sunday, you have allowed us to help you with that task. Our Sunday school is located inside the VOR building of the church grounds and our doors open promptly at 8:30AM.